12 Ways to Live an Adventurous Life

Live Adventurously

Adventures in Mountain Climbing, Sailing, Skydiving

Living Adventurously

Living an adventurous life is not just about daring adventures like climbing the highest mountain, sailing around the world, or skydiving from two miles up.

Living adventurously is about opening doors to new experiences, exploring strange horizons, breaking the chain of routine and opening your mind to new ways of thinking and living.

The Art of Adventure

Wilferd Peterson

Wilferd Peterson

Wilferd A. Peterson  put it this way, “A man practices the art of adventure when he heroically faces up to life; when he has the daring to open doors to new experiences and to step boldly forth to explore strange horizons, When he is unafraid of new ideas, new theories and new philosophies. When he has the curiosity to experiment – to test and try new ways of living and thinking. When he has the flexibility to adjust and adapt himself to the changing patterns of life. When he refuses to seek safe places and easy tasks and has, instead, the courage to wrestle with the toughest problems. When he has the moral stamina to be steadfast in the support of those men in whom he has faith and those causes in which he believes. When he breaks the chain of routine and renews his life through reading new books, traveling to new places, making new friends, taking up new hobbies and adopting new viewpoints. When he has the nerve to move out of life’s shallows and venture forth into the deep. When he keeps his heart young, his expectations high and never allows his dreams to die. When he concludes that a rut is only another name for the grave and that the only way to stay out of the ruts is by living adventurously and staying vitally alive every day of his life.”

12 Ways to Live Adventurously

12 Ways to Live an Adventurous Life

  1. Practice. Although some adventures are accidental, the best are those desired and prepared for. What would you like to experience? Plan it and make it happen.
  2. Face up to life, knowing that you can make a difference in this world regardless of your circumstances. Use those adventurous experiences to help and inspire others.
  3. Open the door to new experiences. Explore the world and your own back yard. There are wonders to be found.
  4. Don’t be afraid of new ideas, theories and philosophies. Study them and learn how to apply them to your life.
  5. Be curious and experiment, test new ways of thinking. Open your mind to other ideas.
  6. Be flexible to change. The world and your life will change daily, so learn to adjust and adapt.
  7. Avoid a life of ease and safety, have the courage to take on difficult challenges.
  8. Support those people you have faith in, not just in belief but with your actions.
  9. Break the chain of routine, make new friends, travel, take up new hobbies and learn new viewpoints.
  10. Don’t be afraid to leave your comfort zone, take a chance, as you only live once.
  11. Keep your heart young by keeping your dreams alive. NEVER allow them to die, NEVER.
  12. Stay out of the ruts of life that can slowly lead you to the grave by living the adventurous life every day.

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