Attempt the ridiculous

Wright Brothers Plane, Mans first airplane flight

To accomplish the miraculous

you must attempt the ridiculous. 

Before you attempt the ridiculous

you must announce it to the world. 

If you don’t have the courage to announce it,

you must at least whisper it in the dark. 

Because it must be spoken.

you’ve got to hear yourself say it. 

And then you’ve got to take action. 

Are you sufficiently ridiculous to do this?

Roy H. Williams, The Wizard of Ads

“If birds can glide for long periods of time, then… why can’t I ?” Orville Wright

The Wright Brothers were Roy H. Williams kind of ridiculous. In the early 1900’s, almost no one believed that men would ever be able to conquer the air and fly. But the Wright Brothers thought differently, “if birds can fly… why can’t I”?

The Wright brothers, Orville and Wilbur, were two American brothers, inventors, and aviation pioneers who are built the world’s first successful airplane, making the first controlled, powered and sustained flight on December 17, 1903.

From 1905 to 1907, the brothers developed their flying aircraft into the first practical airplane. Not the first to build and fly experimental aircraft, the Wright brothers were the first to invent aircraft controls that made fixed-wing powered flight possible.

What flights of fancy do you have? Are you sufficiently ridiculous to see them take wing? Don’t be deterred  by those who doubt you and your dreams. Very few believed in the Wright Brothers. The belief or non-belief of others will not change the outcome. You, and you alone ultimately will determine the outcome.

“If you have built castles in the air, your work need not be lost; that is where they should be.
Now put the foundations under them.” – Henry David Thoreau

Learn more about the Wright Brothers in the bestselling book by David McCullough
“The Wright Brothers”

The Wright Brothers

Remember before you attempt the ridiculous you must announce it to the world. Tell us and the world by leaving a comment. What “ridiculous” dream will you attempt?

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