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Joel Runyon – Un-Authorized

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Joel Runyon

His name is Joel Runyon, a blogger with a passion for doing the impossible or what may seem impossible to most people. He writes a bi-weekly blog at Impossible HQ.

The blog itself is likely by design somewhat modest by comparison to some of the current fare of bloggers, but the content certainly isn’t.

Joel Runyon, has carved out a carefully crafted niche that will appeal to many people. His no nonsense style of writing and doing what he preaches rings true for those needing a kick in the psychological butt and to those who need reassurance that they are on the right track.

Tell A Great Story With Your Life

In his own words Runyon says this about himself.

“I’m a javelin-throwing, world traveling, triathlete set on doing impossible things in order to tell a great story with my life.”

From his website, these are some of the great stories he’s had a chance to experience.

* Traveled to France on 24 hours notice, spent 5 days homeless in Paris for less than $300

* Threw Javelin for 2 years in College & won a National Championship with my team – while practicing on a middle school track.

* Lived in the Dominican Republic for 3 1/2 months, got sick for 2 months straight and lost 20 pounds.

* Lived with locals in the mountains of Jamaica for 5 weeks.

* Ran 10 Triathlons, a bunch of half marathons, a marathon and a half ironman

* Traveled to over 15 countries on 4 continents.

But his story does not end there. He continues…

“I’ve got a lot more impossible things and amazing stories on my list of impossible things – and they’re getting crossed off one by one.”

And while his personal story is interesting, helping others craft a story of their own seems to be his true passion.

Enter the Impossible Manifesto

Joel Runyon Un-Authoriized_

Again, in Joel’s own words he describes the Impossible Manifesto this way.

“The Impossible Manifesto is a challenge to push your limits, live a life worth writing about and do the impossible. More than anything though, it’s a challenge to stop waiting around for life to happen and do something. Anything.”

You can read the Impossible Manifesto by downloading it for FREE here.
Manifesto Download

Everyone who reads the manifesto will likely get something different from it, but I caution you, you will not be able to blame anyone or anything else for your lack of motivation or success but yourself, once you do.

The Impossible Manifesto is a no-nonsense philosophy of how to live your life as an adventure by telling a good story with it. How you do that is as individual as your DNA, but there are some ideas and concepts that you will learn that might work for anyone. All of us have the same general ingredients to work with in life. How we put those ingredients together for the most part is up to us.

If you have read this far, congratulations, you have just been introduced to Joel Runyon and his manifesto to help you do impossible things. Will you take the initiative to shake hands and learn more?

As he says in his manifesto, YOU CAN…

Do things you never dreamed you’d be able to do.

Do things others said you’d never be able to do.

Do things that people say can’t be done.

And finally from the Impossible Manifesto, is this:

“Are you telling a good story with your life? Would anybody want to read it?”

Well, are you? If not maybe Joel Runyon and the Impossible Manifesto can help. I suggest it can.

Where to start? Click here.

Explore the Adventurous Life – Tell a Good Story with It


But Wait, There’s More Cold Showers and Six-Pack Abs

PS. Did you think I forgot about Cold Showers and Six-Pack Abs?

No I didn’t, however no one can explain better how to get the flat stomach you want or the highly unusual but effective benefits of cold shower therapy than Joel himself. Want Six-Pack Abs? Go here. Want to change your life with a cold shower, go here.

PSS. And yeah, Joel Runyon is Art of Adventure Approved

Arto of Adventure Approved



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