Feds to kill 100’s of endangered desert tortoises in Government sanctioned “tortoiseside”

Officials expect to put down more than half the
1,400 tortoises by year end 2014

Desert Tortoise

Photo Courtesy of Tortoise-Tracks.org

According to Fox News, the BLM intends to kill 100’s of endangered desert tortoises in a Government sanctioned “tortoiseside”

Can you believe it? After years of collecting hundreds of thousands, likely millions of dollars to protect the endangered desert tortoise native to the southwestern United States, the the Bureau of Land Management plans to kill hundreds of these gentle and endangered animals.

The desert tortoise is the state reptile of both California and Nevada. Millions of these creatures once roamed the deserts of the American southwest and northern Mexico, but are now a rare sight.

These majestic creatures can live 50-80 years, but is seems the Feds are set upon destroying them in what some are calling “tortoiseside”.

Read the full story in this article on Fox News.

While the article is date in late 2013, the killing is set to begin this year and may have already started.

Spread the news if you can use the hash tag #tortoiseside, maybe we can stop this inhuman and senseless killing.

While the Art of Adventure rarely publishes this type of post we felt it our moral obligation to inform our readers of this heinous act. Please help if you can.

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