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Geocaching, you may have heard of it, but have you ever tried it?

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There are a few million reasons you may want to. To learn more read on. There are hidden treasures and adventures waiting for you in every corner of the globe and quite possibly even in your own backyard. All you need to track them down is a GPS device or your own Smartphone and your own sense of adventure.

Geocaching is a outdoor treasure hunt using a GPS device. Geocachers navigate to a defined set of coordinates, where other geocachers have hidden a “cache”.



A cache is a hidden container, varying in size and appearance, from small film containers to boxes and even fake rocks or logs. Most will contain a log book to sign and many times other small items that can be traded or tracked.



As of this writing according to there are 2,081.976 active geocaches and over 5 Million Geocachers worldwide. The number of geocaches has nearly doubled in the past two years alone.

All you really need to get started is a GPS device or your own Smartphone. Go to to get started. Once you are there you can register your profile and begin searching for caches in your area. I did a quick search of the zip code in my area and found hundreds of geocaches. Do your own search of your immediate area and you might be surprised at what you will find. Beyond your own immediate area there are millions of geocaches throughout the world to discover.

Here is how my first Geocache adventure went. First, as I said earlier I went to and did a search of geocaches in my zip code. I found one within a mile of my house and I live in a pretty remote area on the edge of the desert in Southern Nevada. Next I picked up the app from for my I-Phone 5, got the coordinates for the closest geocache in my area and then set out for a short walk in the desert. I followed the coordinates and directional helps and within a ½ hour found the cache. There it was, just as described, nestled between two yuccas. Opening it I discover several items, an embroidered patch, a couple of photos, a toy top, baseball card , a Mormon pass along card and more.

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Hidden Geocache – A look inside the Geocache – Log Book – The treasure I exchanged for

I came prepared to make a trade and brought a key chain from San Felipe Mexico to make an exchange. I traded it for a key chain with a pewter pilot’s helmet attached. Also in the cache was a log book for signing the time/date when you find the cache. I could see that there were many people who discovered this same cache, dating back a few years. If you are new to geocaching, know this, you can make it as fun or as challenging as you want. You’ll discover and find caches from your own neighborhood to the mountains of Tibet, literally adventures in the millions. At you will also learn how difficult the cache is to get to, the terrain involved and what the size of the cache is.

So where do you go from here? As with any adventurous undertaking you must take action. Visit and get started. Be assured that you and your family will have a great time exploring and discovering a whole new kind of adventure. Be prepared though, this could become a major but good addiction.

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