In Search of Mermaid Tears

Sea Glass, Mermaid Tears, Treasures of the Ocean

Mermaid Tears

How does it begin, this obsession to collect things. Almost everyone collects something. People collect stamps, dolls, books, pens, matchbook covers, stickers, postcards, coins, rocks, seashells, photos, movies, albums, vintage clothing, movies posters, hats, games, bats, guns, wine, bottles, beer cans, cars, magazines, stuffed animals, snow globes, just to name a very few. If yours wasn’t mentioned I would still bet you have something you collect.

But what about collecting Mermaid Tears?

Believe it or not there are thousands of people who search for and collect Mermaid Tears. There are even dedicated groups and organizations that support the pursuit.

But what are Mermaid Tears and how can you join in the hunt to find and collect them?

Mermaid Tears, as exotic as it sounds are really small pieces and various colors of glass found in the world’s oceans and on their beaches. When bottles, cups, or other glass is  dropped or dumped into the water or on the beach, they often break apart; these pieces are worn down by the tumbling of the waves and sand, and eventually form into smooth, rounded shapes, called Mermaid Tears or Sea Glass.

There are several types of Mermaid Tears or Sea Glass, depending on what material they are made of. The smooth, rounded, frosted Mermaid Tears are formed from glass that has been worn down by the sea and are often quite sought after by collectors. Sea glass, can be found in many different colors and can be made into jewelry and other trinkets, or simply collected as a beautiful gem.

Glass Mermaid Tears are becoming much more difficult to find. This is because in recent years as more products are sold in plastic bottles instead of glass and people are becoming less careless with glass near ocean beaches, less is to be found. Some people use artificial methods to create the tumbled look of sea glass, but true collectors consider this to be “craft glass” and not real Sea Glass.

Sea Glass collecting like most collector hobbies can be quite serious and there are organizations fully dedicated to it. For example, there is the North American Sea Glass Association and other websites designed just for collectors like Odyssey Sea Glass. Then there is  The Sea Glass Journal, whose motto is “It’s not the destination. It’s the Sea Glass”.

At Art of Adventure we started collecting Mermaid Tears after learning about the story line in the bestselling book titled “Sea Glass” by Anita Shreve. At the novel’s center is the story of Honora Beecher, a young newlywed who compulsively collects sea glass along the beach.

While walking the beaches of the Sea of Cortez the past few years we started looking for and finding many Mermaid Tears and have been collecting them ever since. Here is a photo of a small collection we found on a recent trip to the beaches of Baja, Mexico.

Sea Glass, Mermaid Tears, Jewels of the Sea, Baja Treasure

Mermaid Tears – Jewels of the Sea

We believe adventure and excitement can be found in many ways, even in the pursuit of collecting.

We at Art of Adventure enjoy the search for and the discovery of Mermaid Tears and it is passion shared by many.

The next time you are at the beach maybe you will join us. Here’s to good hunting.

Remember, as The Sea Glass Journal says, “It’s not the destination. It’s the Sea Glass”.

We say, Explore the Adventurous Life.

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