Of Artist Adventurers & Shades of Picasso II

The Weird and The Wonderful

A few months ago we introduced you to Darla Graff Thompson in our post
Of Artist Adventurers & Shades of Picasso
This gifted and talented artist literally blew us away with sculptures like the one below.

Of Artist Adventurers & Shades of Picasso II, Darla Graff,

And now she has done it again with the debut of her new book
viscous drag: sculptures and poems by Darla Graff Thompson

viscous drag

viscous Drag – by Darla Graff Thompson

The author says, “viscous drag refers to the resistance and struggle of moving forward in our daily environment. The idea presents itself in a myriad of forms: pressures at work, commitments of home and family, efforts to control and discipline ourselves toward desired goals.”

The book, viscous drag “is a portable art exhibit, one you can keep a copy near the commode at home or carry with you to the coffee shop on Sunday morning. It’sculpture and poetry, art for the walls of the mind’s gallery.” Amazon Books

For us “viscous drag” is another adventure into the unique and incredible art and poetry of Darla Graff Thompson who has been sculpting and writing prose for over 30 years.

Her art and poetry isn’t for everyone, but neither was Picasso’s. However if you enjoy venturing into the artistic unknown be prepared to discover the undiscovered and art that is both a bit weird and wonderful at the same time.

Want to know more about this amazing artist?

Read our blog post Of Artist Adventurers and Shades of Picasso here. Or read her latest book here.

Post by Nicolas Hale

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