Painting with Light

The Art of Landscape Photography

Who doesn’t enjoy beautiful landscape photography? We all take landscape photos and some of them come out pretty good. In fact we say all your landscape photos are valuable.

However, beautiful landscape photography, the kind that takes your breath away is an art and it takes a true artist to capture those types of images. One such artist is Kent A. LeFevre.

Kent LeFevre, photographer, landscape photographer

Kent A. LeFevre Artist/Photographer/Author

Some thirty five years ago, Kent made his first homemade camera. It consisted of a cardboard box, painted black and furnished with a pin hole. But today, his images of fine art start with a high density digital image and once recorded the image is processed with all the care he would normally give a thorough darkroom exercise.

Kent says, “The artistic image begins in my mind’s eye long before the shutter is released. Before I take to the field, I consider the quality of available natural light, the time of day that will yield the greatest opportunity for success and also the season of the year. The “art” of photography requires the patience to wait for the right moment, and to recognize that moment when it comes. I paint with light.”

And paint with light he does. Recently Kent took a trip with his family and while there he took some visually stunning photographs. While great photography usually takes skill and planning, sometimes being in the right place at the right time and with the right skills makes for the perfect opportunity to get the shot that will “take your breath away”.

In his own word below Kent gives us some idea of how a photographer/artist’s mind works and how a great photo sometimes reveals itself.

“Last month, my family and I took a side trip to Mono Lake, CA.  I had seen images of the lake at dusk thinking maybe I could get a re-peat of the brilliant skies that grace this area from time to time.  We were first treated to a lenticular cloud hovering like a space ship over Mono Lake.  We were still a long way from the Tufa formations on the south shore.  About an hour later we found a spot to stop to go hiking.  (I always hike with my camera).  After a few surprise steps in the knee deep white caked mud of the lake shore, we found a good trail that took us near the shore.  A brief rain storm passed and then, BAM!  This spectacular vista was our reward.  An adventure worth the risk.”

Mono Lake California, Kent LeFevre, Landscape photograpy, Adventure photography

Photo – Mono Lake, California by Kent A. LeFevre

The photo above is what we at Art of Adventure mean when we say “Art of Adventure”.
Kent LeFevre is a true artist with an adventurous spirit and it shows in his work.

Kent studied art and photography in high school, college and at the university level. His commissioned works span three decades. To learn more about this accomplished artist/adventurer and to see a gallery of some visually stunning images, visit his website here., you won’t be disappointed.

Nicolas Hale Contributing Writer – Art of Adventure

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