Shangri-La exists within all of us.

Guest Post by Brian Gardner

Shangri-La has become synonymous with any earthly paradise, and particularly a mythical Himalayan utopia — a permanently happy land, isolated from the outside world.

Photo by Andrew Miller Photography.  -

Photo by Andrew Miller Photography.

I first came upon the term “Shangri-La” in the film Higher, where professional snowboarder and filmmaker Jeremy Jones climbed and rode an unclimbed, unnamed peak in Nepal. When asked why he decided to do this, here’s what he said:

“Well, I saw a picture of it. It started with my main cameraman sending me a photo of it, and it was pretty much the most beautiful mountain I had ever seen.”

I think some version of Shangri-La exists within all of us and we place unequivocal importance on getting there. Whether it be the mountains, an uninhabited lake or the shores of an ocean, we long for a place to bring us the type of peace we seldom find.

In the search to discover this utopia, we must remember something that often eludes us:

The journey is the reward.

I encourage you to go and seek your Shangri-La. Whatever road this takes you down or however this looks in your life, keep this in mind — Live intentionally. Live authentically.

Brian Gardner

How will you live your life, what is your Shangri-La? Leave a comment and let us know. 

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  1. I am reading a great new Adventure Graphic Novel by Jon Baird and Kevin Costner and Stephen Meyer and Rick Ross called The Explorers Guild, Volume One : A Passage to Shambhala ! Shambhala is similar in concept to your Shangri La! Its a pretty massive story but it takes you on an adventure to search for Shambhala!
    Not sure if that is your cup of tea but thought I would share.

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