Some like it HOT!

Some like it VERY HOT!

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At Art of Adventure, we are all about testing limits. However, most of us only vaguely ever live up to our full potential and testing limits is something that others do not us. There are those individuals though; who seemingly are always pushing their limits and the boundaries of what is considered possible.

Historically, there are the explorers who have challenged the highest mountains, rivers, the ocean depths and other pursuits in the most extreme ways. Many have given up their lives for their passion to discover new frontiers and to extend personal horizons.

As modern society evolves and the world seemingly becomes smaller because of technology and overcrowding it becomes more and more difficult to endeavor upon what some would believe are meaningful pursuits.

However, there are still many who look for ways to challenge themselves in unusual ways and here is an example of one you likely have not heard of.

Many people like hot and spicy foods. There are literally thousands of hot sauces and spicy foods available to those who want them. But at the fringes of all good things, that is if you consider hot and spicy to be a good thing, are those who are determined to take things one step further.

Most people know that there are hot peppers and not so hot peppers. The measurement of how hot a pepper is is called its Scoville rating. For example, a Bell pepper has virtually no Scoville rating while a Jalapeño  has a rating of about. 3,500. There is though, a pepper that measures over 1.5 million on the rating scale and is about 450 times hotter than a Jalapeño . Now most of you know that a Jalapeño can be relatively hot, but imagine a pepper that is 450 times hotter!

That pepper is the Trinidad Scorpion Butch T, the world’s hottest pepper. Even the name sounds threatening.

Trinidad Scorpion Butch T

Here is where it gets interesting. There are people, lots of people who like to take the challenge of eating the hottest peppers on earth just to find out what will happen. That’s right; just to see what will happen. These people take the challenge of eating these flame throwers and then post videos of doing it on sites like

Very seldom in the course of you daily life would you expect to see an event like this and maybe you would rather not. And while it’s not like seeing Neil Armstrong set foot on the moon, it is interesting and a bit fascinating to see. So here goes, your chance to see a fiery pepper eating challenge. (Video below) It is a little long, but like a car wreck, you won’t be able to take your eyes from it.

Here’s Ted the Fire Breathing Idiot in his challenge. (His words, not ours)

So now what? Are we telling you to challenge yourself by eating a Trinidad Scorpion Butch T pepper like Ted the Fire Breathing Idiot?

No, you might get seriously hurt and we might get sued. But we do challenge you to open your mind to strange ideas and look for new ways you can personally challenge yourself. Ways to move yourself forward into the unknown .We say push the boundaries in your life, get out of your rut and live, even if it is only for a moment, even if it’s only eating a hot pepper.

Scientists say those who like hot peppers and spicy foods sometimes become addicted to the endorphins that are released in the brain when they eat them. In other words it makes them feel good.

That may be, but we say become addicted to challenging yourself, even in small ways. Then work up to the bigger challenges. That will make you feel better and it doesn’t hurt as much.

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