Starfish Hunting and The Golden Rule

The Stormy Sea of Life

Stormy Seas

You wake up each morning hoping that it will be different from yesterday. You think to yourself, “it’s got to be better”. Why is it the world seems to “ground and pound” you each day you ask. You believe in the philosophy of “Live and Let Live”, but it seems that nobody else does.

It seems like a never ending battle each day as wave after wave of disappointment and heartache pound you over and over and pushes you towards the rocks at the edge of the shore.

There are moments though, when a wave lands you on the beach and as you lie on the shore thinking you are safe you suddenly realize that you’re too far from the water, the sun is too hot and you might not make it back. You just might die. Now the prospect of being pounded by the waves doesn’t seem so bad. You almost wish you were back in the ocean surge.

Life is like that, we all have trials and tribulations but it could always be worse. There is always someone who is worse off than you. Always. And there is always someone who needs to be rescued from the rocky shore and the burning rays of the sun.

But you think there are so many people beached on the shore of life and that you can’t make a difference. But that is where you are wrong. You can make a world of difference to anyone of them and maybe help yourself in the process.

The Golden and Silver Rules

The Golden Rule, The Silver Rule,

How and what you do to make a difference is up to you. But the simple answer is embodied in the well known but little practiced “Golden Rule”. One should treat others as one would like others to treat oneself. Or even the so called “Silver Rule”. One should not treat others in ways that one would not like to be treated.

Whether it’s the Golden Rule or the Silver Rule you must seek out those in need if you choose to make a difference. Maybe the story of the Starfish Hunter will inspire your mind to look for those opportunities to help those in need. You can’t help everyone but maybe you can make a difference in the life of one.

The Starfish Hunter

Starfish On Beach, Starfish, Starfish Hunter

The story of the Starfish Hunter has been told in many ways and is attributed to several authors. However, the story is essentially about the saving of the one. The one can be a person, place or thing. There is always an opportunity to save someone or something of value in this world.

You say you believe in the “Golden Rule” or even the “Silver Rule”. If so, read the story of the Starfish Hunter below and decide for yourself will YOU be a Starfish Hunter and make a difference or will you walk on by?

Story of The Starfish Hunter – By Loren Eisley

Starfish Hunter, Starfish


There are many Starfish Hunters in the world, you may even be one.  And it’s possible in the future you might be saved by one. Watch out for the starfish on the shores you walk each day and hope and pray that Starfish Hunters will be watching out for you.

Explore the Adventurous Life – Be a Starfish Hunter

Enjoy the story of the Starfish Hunter – Get your  copy here. Starfish Hunter PDF

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