Top 10 Crazy Adventures for National Adventure Day

Saturday October 12, is National Adventure Day. And while adventure is what you personally deem it to be, we thought we should give you some interesting and even way out there ideas on how you might “Explore the Adventurous Life” this weekend. Enjoy.

10 Ideas To Awaken Your Adventurous Spirit

1. Swing On The World’s Largest Rope Swing

2. Go Cliff Jumping In Hawaii

3. Do A Zipline Catapult

4. Try Wingsuit Racing

5. Check Out Paintball Warfare

6. Try Skydiving Into The Blue Hole, Belize

7. Take Up Surfing – Sessions At Jaws In Maui

8. Try Extreme Rock Climbing

9. Scuba Dive Fiji And Tonga

10. Join A Tough Mudder Team

Now that you’re awake,  go out and have yourself an adventure this weekend.

Explore the Adventurous Life – Have an Adventure

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