Want a 1- Way Ticket to Palookaville?

“I coulda been a contender”

In the classic movie “On the Waterfront”, Terry Malloy (Marlon Brando) is a dockworker whose brother is Charley “The Gent” (Rod Steiger).  Some years earlier, Terry had been a promising boxer until a Mob connected union boss named Johnny Friendly had Charley instruct Terry to deliberately lose a fight that he could have won, so that he, Friendly, could win money betting against him.

In the now famous scene from the movie, Terry sorrowfully regrets and blames his brother for “making him” throw the fight. He laments, “I coulda been a contender”.

There is a lot to think about in this scenario. Who’s to blame, for Terry’s regret, Terry or Charley? Was Terry forced to do what he did? Did Charley have the right to ask Terry to do what he did?

Ultimately, we all make our own decisions, some of which we will regret like Terry, forever. In many instances,  “I coulda been a contender” will be our own personal lament.

Be careful of who you trust and put your faith in, they just might not have your best interest at heart. Do not sell yourself short. The cost to you might be eternal regret.

Who wants a 1-Way ticket to Palookaville anyway?

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