Why your landscape photos are valuable.

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Sierra Nevada Mountains – Source – ArtofAdventure.Net

I think landscape photography in general is somewhat undervalued.
Galen Rowell

Whether you are a professional photographer or amateur weekend warrior, it does not matter; you have a unique vision of the world. It also does not matter how you capture your vision of the landscape you see, whether it’s with your smartphone, old school 35mm film camera, Polaroid, or expensive digital camera.

What does matter is that you take the shot and then share it with the world. Every photograph is as different as the finger that presses the shutter to capture it and can never be duplicated by anyone else. It’s one of a kind. That in itself makes it uniquely rare and therefore, valuable.

And speaking of valuable, watch for our “Plant the Flag” Photo Contest coming soon. We will have some unique and valuable prizes for you to win. So start thinking now of some interesting shots that will incorporate the Art of Adventure flag.  Now here’s more about wilderness photographer and climber, Galen Rowell.

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Galen Rowell – Source thephoblographer.com

Galen Avery Rowell was born in Oakland, California, he became a full-time photographer in 1972. Rowell was introduced to the wilderness at a very young age and began climbing mountains at the age of ten. For the next 52 years, he climbed mountains and explored the wilderness. He began taking pictures on excursions into the wild so he could share his experiences with friends and family. After graduating from Berkeley High School in 1958, he stayed in Berkeley to study physics at the University of California but dropped out after four years to pursue his love of climbing. He was never formally trained as a photographer but became one of the most renowned. **

Here is an excellent book by Galen Rowell, “Mountain Light, In Search of the Dynamic Landscape”. This book will help you understand the art and philosophy of great landscape photography and maybe give you some ideas next time you are out in the wild.

Watch for our “Plant the Flag” Photo Contest coming soon.

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** Source – en.wikipedia.org/

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