Your Chance At A Share of the $600 Million Powerball

Imagine the Adventures you could have with a share of the $600,000,000 or more Powerball Jackpot to be drawn this coming Saturday.

Powerball Ticket

Here is your chance  to get a share and you don’t have to pay or enter anything. It’s FREE.

At Art of Adventure we believe in sharing stories, news and insights to inspire the mind, body, and spirit to Explore The Adventurous Life.

And in that spirit of sharing we have bought a single two dollar Powerball Lottery ticket. Yeah we know, we’re big time spenders.

But, should that ticket be the winning ticket of the main jackpot this Saturday the 18th, we will share our winnings with all of our Twitter followers. One share for us and an equal share for all our legitimate followers before the time of the drawing on Saturday night at 10:59 PM Eastern time. A legitimate follower is a person who follows us, not a business or other non-human entity. You will have to prove who you are if we win.

Yes, I know our chances of winning are only about 1 in 200 million, but what if? Yeah, what if?

The ticket is posted above, so there is no game playing. If we get all the numbers we all share equally the winnings. Think positive. This could be the big one. Man, we could all have some serious adventures then.

Wish us luck.

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